The advice I provide has been honed over 16 years of working in marketing. I have spoken at international conferences and frequently provide training for a professional marketing body.

Tailored sessions, simple advice, immediately actionable recommendations.

1 hour

In just 1 hour I can equip you with the basics of email marketing, with no-waffle, no-nonsense advice plus a little time for Q&As.

4 hours

Although this half-day session includes the basics, it goes way beyond. We will use your emails as examples of how to improve, as well as touch on more advanced subjects such as automation/designs etc. Throughout the session I will include time for your to ask questions, as well as a brief break halfway through where I will remain online if you/anyone on your team wishes to ask any further questions. Depending on your needs, this session will also include exercises.

Full day

As per the half day session, but moving on to more in-depth subjects such as privacy, machine learning, data, and anything else which I think would be useful for your particular email marketing. The day will include Q&As, discussions and useful exercises.

“Very good and informative, learnt a lot!”
“Very experienced presenter
“Learnt a lot and intense!”

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